The Benefits of Consumer Finance Programs

Consumers appreciate having multiple payment options when they visit their favorite retailers. Opening a consumer finance program through Eagle Bend Capital Financing allows businesses to build brand awareness while giving their customers more financial flexibility. We built our program to ensure that businesses and consumers alike enjoy numerous benefits and favorable terms.

Program Benefits

Retailers seek out our consumer finance program because it helps them to build a loyal customer base while encouraging increased sales. They have the opportunity to increase their business’s profitability while accessing the following terms and benefits:

  • E-signature convenience
  • Fast program implementation
  • Generous credit lines
  • Fast and consistent approval process
  • Debt collection support
  • Expert training

Consumers enjoy access to revolving credit lines that can help them develop responsible spending habits. They get the convenience of paying for larger purchases over time, and can expect ample credit limits if approved. You and your customers can rest assured that we offer a secure financing experience backed by superior customer service.

Contact Us

Reach out to Eagle Bend Capital Financing for more details about our consumer finance program. We have a team of financial experts that will be happy to answer your questions and to give you a complimentary analysis of your company’s finances. If you feel ready to proceed, we will send you our no-obligation application.