Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing

Eagle Bend Capital Financing offers structured settlement and annuity financing solutions to provide quick and efficient access to working capital for immediate or unexpected expenses. We help people leverage their annuities and structured settlements to unlock capital that ties up in assets.

The Benefits of Annuity and Structured Settlement Financing

At Eagle Bend Capital Financing, our annuity and structured settlement solutions allow our clients to sell off any portion of their assets or structured settlements for fast capital. Our team will work with you to arrange a financing strategy for your annuity or structured settlement so you can access the capital you need quickly and efficiently. Our annuity and structured settlement programs allow clients to:

  • Cover time-sensitive expenses
  • Invest in a business or commercial real estate
  • Create a financial cushion for personal and professional purposes

Our solutions help clients avoid excessive surrender fees so they can get the most out of their annuities and structured settlements.

Contact Us Today

To learn more about our structured settlement and annuity options, contact the team at Eagle Bend Capital Financing today. To get a quote, we only require a payment schedule, the amount received per installment, and the name of the entity handling the structured settlement or annuity fund.