At Eagle Bend Capital Financing, we understand the need for fast short-term working capital. Whether you need to cover unexpected financial obligations, or need to act quickly on a time-sensitive business opportunity, we can help.

Sale Leaseback Financing Program

Through our leaseback financing program, business owners can get working capital by “selling” their equipment, while still retaining its use to complete jobs for customers. The equipment is then “leased” back, through affordable monthly installments. Since our program is considered a sale, there is no debt involved.

Tax Benefits

Our sale leaseback program offers tax advantages to business owners, as well. All payments on leased equipment are deductible when filing taxes. Business owners can get the short-term financing they need, and then recoup the payments during tax season.

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Eagle Bend Capital Financing offers fast and easy leaseback financing to business owners across all industries. If your business could use short-term working capital, but you would prefer to avoid placing debt on the balance sheets, contact our team today, and ask about our leaseback financing program.