Secure the Equipment You Need With the Right Financing

Equipment is vital for most businesses. Regardless of which industry your company falls into, it likely needs some type of equipment to operate effectively. Eagle Bend Capital Financing offers both equipment leasing and financing options to help your business secure the machinery it needs to thrive.

Choose the Right Program

No two businesses have the same needs so we offer several programs to accommodate them. Choose from the four programs below to obtain the equipment you need for your company.

  • Government and municipal programs: Public entities such as police stations and libraries are guaranteed approval for equipment financing.
  • B, C and D programs: Companies without perfect credit still qualify for financing.
  • Startup programs: New businesses with limited credit histories qualify for equipment loans.
  • Sale and lease-back programs: We purchase the equipment you need and allow you to lease to own until the loan has been paid off.

Consider Leasing Equipment

Leasing the equipment you need is an alternative to financing it. If you choose this option, you can free up the cash you have on hand for other needs. You are not responsible for maintaining or repairing your equipment when it malfunctions and you can upgrade it as new models become available. You will also earn significant tax advantages when you choose to lease equipment.

Find Excellent Terms for Financing Equipment

At Eagle Bend, we offer financing for any type of equipment from heavy machinery to computers. You can expect to receive loan amounts of up to $500,000 with little to no down payment required. Businesses that have been established for at least two years qualify for 84-month terms and are no required to show a financial statement for applications under $150,000. For your convenience, we offer various payment structures.

Contact Us Today

Whether you are interested in leasing or financing the equipment your business needs to operate, offers loan solutions with great terms. Contact us today to find one that is right for you.