At times, you may feel tempted to handle all of your company’s processes in-house. This is a common choice by business owners, especially small business owners and sole proprietors. That said, there are several reasons why trying to do everything yourself isn’t always the best option for your company, let alone for your well-being. This guide can help you decide when to outsource and when to manage tasks yourself.

What Kind of Tasks Can You Outsource?

The list of business tasks that you can pay a third party to handle is growing. In the past, the marketing for outsourcing was primarily limited to marketing, some financial services and information technology. These days, you can find business consulting firms that handle a much wider variety of services, from human resources and accounting to inventory management and security.

Put simply, if something is time-consuming or difficult for you to handle, there’s probably a third-party business willing to manage it for you. Some business owners have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing?

Some advantages of assigning tasks to third-party providers are obvious. Other benefits are not as easy to see at first, but they can make your life much easier.

Saving Time

As a business owner, your time is precious — and valuable. There are many things you can handle personally, but trying to do it yourself may take you away from urgent needs. With outsourcing, you can free up time for other goals.

Making Money

An example of how third-party services can benefit you is the ability to invest your efforts and time wisely. Some routine tasks don’t require your level of expertise to accomplish. By assigning them to another business, you can focus on tasks that provide more revenue per time invested, such as cultivating new leads or improving business operations.

Specialized Experience

Sometimes, outsourcing is about the opposite issue. There are tasks that you can accomplish to an acceptable level solo but offer better results when left to a professional. Record-keeping and tax preparation often fall into this category.

Speed and Scalability

When partnering with a third party, you may be able to finish projects more quickly and effectively. Third-party vendors often have dozens of employees or more, allowing for impressive scalability.

When Do You Need Caution?

There are some business areas where it’s important to carefully consider outsourcing. Proprietary secrets, customer data and similar information may be better handled personally or by a trustworthy employee. Always keep control of your most important business assets.