An engaged and motivated staff is a key component of a successful business. When your employees know that you value their efforts, they are motivated to work harder for you. This often leads to a more successful organization. Here are some tricks to help your staff know they are appreciated.

Pay Attention

Make sure your team members know that you care about them as individuals, not just as tools for growing your business. Use active listening skills when speaking with a team member. Maintain an open body posture when they are speaking. Ask questions to help understand what they are saying. Examine their body language to understand their anxiety level. Restate what they have told you, and validate their feelings.

Respond to Challenges

Challenges happen every day in your business. People call in sick. Vendors experience delays. Sales goals are missed. Managers that respond to crises respectfully and professionally are more effective. If employees think that you are going to respond in anger, they are less likely to bring problems to your attention until it is too late to fix them. In addition, hyper-focusing on the challenge prevents you from working with your team to resolve the situation.

Change Your Thoughts

Stay positive when a challenge occurs. The most successful entrepreneurs develop strategies where they focus on affirming thoughts in the face of a challenge. Just saying that you have a solution can spark the brain to seek out creative resolutions. Focusing solely on the negative shuts your mind down so it is harder to come up with a positive outcome.

Recognize Limitations

Effective managers look for alternative solutions to a problem. Keep in mind that you may not be able to find a successful compromise for every situation that you experience. Vendors may experience shipping delays. Employees may not support each other. Accept that there are limitations to what you can do. Keeping a positive attitude can help you come to terms with problems you may not have been able to solve.

Learn a Lesson

Take the time every day to review what went well and what could have gone better. Many people find that visualizing a different solution helps them be more prepared the next time they meet a challenge. They also report that they can think more creatively with more experience. Don’t forget to review your successes and embrace those strategies for the future.

Taking the time to recognize and motivate your team members keeps your business running effectively. A strong workforce can help you move your business forward.