There are tons of phone apps out there to help you stay organized and productive in your personal and business life, but not all of them are worth your time.

If you are a small business owner or manager, you want applications that will help make your life easier without a lot of redundant or overlapping features. So here are some of the best apps for small businesses to help you streamline your workflow.

Microsoft Teams

As the fastest-growing business app in the company’s history, Microsoft Teams is designed to function as a central hub for in-office and remote workers – basically a virtual office environment that can take the place of multiple apps.

Teams offers group and individual messaging, video and voice meetings, document sharing and project management. It integrates seamlessly with the full range of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, enabling team members to co-edit all types of files, from Word to Excel to Powerpoint.

The Microsoft Teams app is available for desktops, laptops, web browsers and mobile devices and is supported by major operating systems Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, making it a perfect choice for small business owners in any industry.


Often described simply as a digital notebook, OneNote is actually a complete personal organizer that can take the place of multiple personal apps on your phone or computer. It allows for multimedia documentation and works well with a stylus for those who love to include hand-written notes and quick sketches in their notebooks.

OneNote also has a handy search function and allows you to categorize notes into separate folders for easy organization.

While it is designed by Microsoft and works well with Windows 10 and Office 365, it can also be used as a stand-alone app without those other applications.


Designed to offer the utmost in convenience, Square offers plug-and-play hardware that enables you to accept all kinds of secure payments from just about anywhere requiring nothing else but a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

But this app is much more than a simple point-of-sale (POS) system. It can also send invoices and track inventory, and it integrates well with most popular accounting apps and software programs.


While the Expensify app is primarily used to record and categorize employee expenses on the go, it actually offers several powerful pre-accounting functions for small businesses.

Employees simply scan their receipts and the app records pertinent data such as date, amount and merchant. That data can then be used to create expense reports and budget projections.

Expensify can also send invoices, pay bills, make travel arrangements and more.

Digital and mobile technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, so why not take advantage of these powerful apps to help your team be more productive and organized. And if you’re interested in financing options for any of your company’s tech needs, contact Eagle Bend Capital Financing today.