As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get caught in the do-it-all-yourself mentality. While you may have come up with your business idea on your own, that doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own. Here are some time-saving tricks that successful entrepreneurs use to help their days run smoother.

1. Realize Your Priorities

When something doesn’t get done, don’t say, ‘I didn’t have time for that.’ If you tell yourself, ‘I didn’t make that a priority,’ it will help you see what is truly important. 

2. Get Focused

Block out an hour or more to focus on the critical things with no distractions; you’ll get more done. Doing this during your peak productivity hours adds to the benefit. And be sure not to multitask, which divides your attention and lessens your productivity.

3. Limit Social Media

Getting on social media throughout the day can make you seem unproductive to your business contacts. Set some time to check it, but don’t be on it all day.

4. Manage Your Inbox

Work email should be only for work-related items. Unsubscribe from newsletters and delete unnecessary items. It might also help to create folders and a filing system to keep your inbox flowing smoothly.

5. Keep a Notebook

Entrepreneurs tend to write everything down. It can be an app or old-fashioned pen and paper, but jotting down things you need to remember or to-do items will free up your working memory.

6. Take Breaks

When filling up that calendar, don’t forget to schedule in breaks, time to eat lunch, and other moments of downtime. It will help you use the time you do have to work more efficiently.

7. Delegate

One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do is delegate their work to others. But giving away the more manageable tasks leaves you time to tackle the more challenging things that only you can do.

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