For every business, it is simple—no sales, no profits, no business. Without healthy sales, a business is just a hobby or a charitable enterprise. Sales are really the key measure of how your business is doing. It confidently said that developing a strong and successful sales program is the most critical priority of every business.

What Are the Right Sales Tactics?

As in most aspects of life, there are both right and wrong ways to attempt to achieve results. Before launching into the sales planning process, it is crucial for every business to determine where the business will be going over the next few years, to carefully define its target customer, and to define the metrics of sales success. These three things will help create the roadmap for sales tactics.

 The right sales tactics include:

  • Develop a consistent lead acquisition and management process. 
  • Actively listen to customers’ needs and develop empathy with them. 
  • Work on solving customers’ problems and delivering their needs. 
  • Develop genuine and positive relationships with your customers. 
  • Be authentic in all customer communications. 
  • Use polite terms when you refer to the competition and never defame them. 
  • Ask for referrals from your customers, but only after you have earned them. 
  • Show proof that your products or services work and then stand by them. 
  • Develop compelling goals and an action plan. 
  • Measure your sales efforts.  

The Wrong Sales Tactics to Focus On

The wrong sales tactics are those that waste time, offend customers, and don’t achieve good results. They include:

  • Calling on “everyone” indiscriminately. 
  • Pushing so hard and never accept a “no.” 
  • Answering objections that the customer hasn’t voiced. 
  • Faking authenticity and empathy. 
  • Talking more than listening. 
  • Failing to follow-thru. 
  • Not making good on your promises.  

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