Small business financing can offer your company or startup advantages in many areas. With innovative funding products and simpler qualifications than major banks, there are a number of ways alternative lenders can help. 

With your small business funding, you can accomplish growth milestones like:

  • Establish credit history: By applying for a small business loan today, you can build your credit for the future. It takes credit to get more credit, but when you apply with an alternative lender, it’s easier to get started. Should you need a larger loan, later on, you’re more likely to get approved and get the best interest rates.  
  • Expand to a new locale: If your current office or retail space is getting crowded, you can lease or buy an additional property with alternative funding from a reputable non-bank lender.  
  • Get new equipment: If you need specialized machines, heavy equipment, or expensive technology hardware to make your business run, small business financing offers a great option. If you opt for equipment financing, it lets the new equipment itself serve as collateral for your loan! 
  • Add inventory: You need to buy more inventory in order to make more sales and more money, of course. But the timing can be tricky. Get enough funding to stockpile inventory (for your seasonal business, for example) with small biz funding. 
  • Jump on a new business opportunity: When you have a chance to partner up with another business, order inventory at a discount, or buy more tools to fill a big order and gain a new customer—quick access to small business financing can help you take action. 
  • Hire more staff: As you grow, you’ll need to delegate more work to others and you may also need additional expertise outside your skillset. Your alternative business financing can help you get the help you need.  

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