Lazy employees bring down morale and reduce productivity quotas. Dealing with these people isn’t easy, but when you have a plan to manage your team, you can prevent many problems. Here are some tips to deal with your lazy employees.

Deal With the Behavior

It might seem important to figure out the why behind the lack of motivation, but in a professional setting, you might be getting too much information when you focus on why someone is lazy. Instead, take notes of missed deadlines, excuses about why they aren’t working or tardiness. Document behavior. When you do talk to the employee, make a point to outline how their behavior needs to change. Concrete goals lead to better results.

Set Goals and Boundaries

Whatever reasons are behind the laziness, as an employer, you can’t allow these things to continue. You will have to set the rules for improvement and plan to follow through when people don’t change. Enforcing deadlines might be difficult at first, but the alternative is not pleasant either. Your first priority to providing good customer service, not providing someone a job. Document everything so you have a paper trail if you do need to fire a bad employee.  

Give Grace, But Get Rid of Bad Employees

If a person is having a difficult time from illness or family issues, you may want to give some flexibility and offer additional resources. But know when enough is enough and your employee is bringing too much trouble into the office. Lazy employees can be difficult to manage, because they may not be breaking any rules. They’re simply unproductive. Define their quotas and stay on top of discipline.

Don’t let an unproductive team member threaten what you’ve worked so hard to build. Tell your employee what you need and expect them to follow through.  

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